Colorado Elk Hunt - 2016

Planning Resources


  • Nonresident hunting license and tag: roughly $650

What to expect and plan for

  • Weather: This varies of course, but be prepared for temperatures as low as -20°F and up to +32°F (so, bring the proper layers to stay warm). If it gets warmer than that, and there is precipitation, be prepared to get wet (bring rain gear).
  • Food: This is a community effort. Everyone should be prepared to contribute roughly $100 for food, and bring their own trail snacks.
  • Timing: The two Colorado public rifle seasons run from a Saturday through the following Sunday. Hunters typically start arriving to setup camp anytime between Tuesday and Friday prior to the Saturday the season opens. Mass teardown of camp typically occurs on the following Saturday. With travel time, the entire trip will likely require roughly 10 days time.